Swedish designer, Hanna Wallmark, finds her inspiration in the people Saamis, the ancient people of the Northern Scandinavia and breeder of reindeers.
Her creations; necklaces, bracelets and natural leather rings decorated with magnificent braids of pewter-thread, are exclusively hand-crafted in a genuine Scandinavian atmosphere.
Hanna's path is a personal relation with the traditional knowledge of her country and by combining a touch of fashion with a wide range of colors and braids the most successful associations are born and makes hanna wallmark much more than just a designer of jewels!
The collection spring/summer, 2015 is synonymous with an authentic and sophisticated lifestyle. It is assigned to men and women who wish to distinguish themselves by wearing jewels with a history but also with an exclusive signature!
Since six years of creation, Hanna has expanded her collections. CLASSIC EMBROIDERY and PEARLS are the first collections of the house which allowed her to make her entry into the fashion world.
The new collection REPTILE is the most successful so far.